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Nature calls, we answer.

Get yedi for relief.

We eat. We sleep. We use the bathroom. No matter who you are, or where you are, when nature calls - you answer.

We have all been there...finally finding a bathroom, only for it to be dirty. Getting turned away by a cashier or store employee in an emergency situation. Peeing in your pants on your way out of the subway.

It sucks. But it happens to millions of us every day.

Not anymore. The team at yedi has your back. Get yedi for relief.

Building trust.

Yedi aims to open the doors of the restrooms that already exist, but are currently closed to the public.

There are thousands of these bathrooms housed in businesses everywhere that are locked off and currently unavailable to the public. We want to incentivize businesses to stop closing off their existing restrooms and better service their communities by providing comfort and relief for all who need it.

We believe that bathroom access is a problem that can be solved.

At yedi, we are united in providing a solution that works for both the businesses that operate the restrooms, and the people who need a place to go.

Driving impact.

One of our core tenets is ensuring everyone has access to safe bathroom facilities - particularly for vulnerable groups like those with impairments, gig economy workers, the LGBTQ+ community, and the elderly.

Everyone deserves dignity and equal access. We're committed to fostering spaces that provide safety for ALL restroom goers.

Yedi is an investment in societal change. Together, we can build a safer, more inclusive future.