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Bathroom users

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Yedi has you covered.

We cater to all individuals seeking restrooms by offering a real-time, interactive map of accessible restrooms, while also ensuring guaranteed access to our partner establishments' facilities. When users open our app, they will be presented with a list of the closest bathrooms, along with pictures and description of amenities.

When you've located a restroom, simply present your phone at the Yedi lock and follow the user-friendly prompts displayed on your screen. We will generate a unique code just for you to unlock the restroom.

Input the provided code, and the restroom is yours to use!


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At Yedi, we proactively work with our partners, transforming their restrooms into profit-generating assets, attracting a diverse crowd beyond their regular clientele.

Our patented, state-of-the-art lock technology offers a simplified, effortless restroom access solution. Regular customers can conveniently scan their receipts, while those seeking only restroom access can make a small payment through their mobile device, ensuring hassle-free entry.

This unique approach not only invites potential customers into Yedi-partner venues, but also fosters a safe environment to nurture restroom visitors into loyal patrons. We stand by our partners every step of the way, providing them with our innovative locks, interactive signage, instructions, and steadfast support, making for a seamless experience.